Antimatter Screenshots (Who wants some?)

Yes, yes, I know.  You can’t see antimatter.  But not seeing it wouldn’t make for a very good game, now would it?  So, I went out and learned the fabled art of screenshot taking. (note: it’s actually really easy…)  And here are some of the results, for your viewing pleasure.

Main Menu ScreenMain Menu

Death and MachinesWhat happens when you fail…

Chase Scene!Chase Scene!

Synchronized RoboticsIt’s like synchronized swimming.  Only with more death.

I hope you enjoyed them!  By the way, here’s some shout-outs to people/pages that have been helpful to me recently:

Thanks, Jeff Brown of Robot Foot Games for the great tutorial on save files!

Thanks, Kyle Morrison, for being the first ever commenter on my blog!

Thanks Jon Hodges, for bringing to me the good news of WordPress!

Thanks, readers, if you actually exist! (:P)



One response to “Antimatter Screenshots (Who wants some?)

  1. Kyle Morrison

    Woo! Dude it looks awesome, can’t wait to play

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