Monthly Archives: June 2011

Making Time

I am SO sorry it has been SO long.  Starting a new job and moving into a new apartment takes up a lot of time and energy, as it turns out.  However, at the urging of my fiancee, I am back on track with Antimatter, and I am making time to finish up.

I fixed the bug with the music, and while the background music is not quite as functional as I’d hoped, I am very satisfied with it.  (I hope you will be, too :))  The next step (which I hope to complete this weekend) is setting up a trial version so I can bug you about buying my game until you do so.  😛  Once that’s done, it’s time to start the peer review process, and hopefully soon after that I’ll have my first game for sale!

I know I missed my first “deadline,” so I won’t set another, but know this:  Launch time is coming soon.  Maybe when it gets here I’ll take a day off from work and celebrate!